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What our families say:

" We love the ethos, the setup and the style of the school."

"He's like a different child on Pod days. He's actually enjoying what he is learning and is so happy."

"We are so grateful for finding the Pod."

"You have created an environment I didn't think I would ever find!"


" They love it."

" In a really short period of time, my child has made phenomenal progress."

Case Study:
Tom started to say he didn't want to go to school. Over a period of a few months, this became more pronounced with regular Sunday Evening meltdowns and screaming and crying most mornings. This created a lot of tension at home with his parents finding it difficult to manage the school run. Tom's attendance began to drop and his parents needed to take more time off work to support him going into school and his reduced timetable.
After another couple of weeks, Tom stopped attending school and his parents had to stop working to look after him and learn at home.
Tom's mood improved at home without the anxiety of having to be at school, although his parents were concerned that he was not doing any school work or mixing with other children.
He started to attend Pod Micro School and enjoyed the relaxed learning environment. The smaller numbers made it less challenging and he could ask for help whenever he needed it. The daily walks outside boosted his mental well-being and he felt happier. His parents were able to return to work and were also able to receive support from the Pod team.
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