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Services for Schools

We offer a variety of services to support local schools. Our support can be as tailored as required and as flexible as you need. 

We are fully DBS checked and insured.

All services are subject to availability, please enquire using our contact form below or via email:


With over 10 years experience from Preschool to Year 6, you can trust the quality and professionalism of our teaching services. All services can be amended to suit your needs.

Supply Teaching (any primary year group)

£150 full day / £75 half day

* Enquiries can be taken up to 9pm the day before *

Tutoring / Booster Groups / Interventions

Maths / English

Address any gaps in learning, support a specific child or group or offer something additional to your provision. 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or small groups to take place in school.

£60 per session (45 minutes teaching / 15 minutes feedback)

Tutoring for Vulnerable Pupils

For children who are not able to attend regularly. We will visit the child at home and work with them in a safe and agreed space, in collaboration with school and family. All sessions will be reported back to school along with a safeguarding/wellbeing update.

£70 per session ( 1 hour visit)

Themed Learning Days

Fun and engaging learning days. These can be tailored to specific learning projects, year groups or whole school. Sessions can be purely for children or can involve staff development opportunities.

Themes Available:

  • Science (Any)

  • Computing (Tailored to school resources)

  • History ( Any period)

  • Geography (Any)

  • Japan (Language, culture, writing)

£200 full day (9am - 3pm)


£45 per hour

Colorful Pens

Staff Development

Whatever your staff team need we can support you. From whole school to individual support. We can take the stress out of staff development, freeing up time and headspace for senior leaders. All services are flexible and can be built around the school day to reduce the cost of supply or overtime. We are happy to work with individual schools or across several schools.


Whole Staff Training

Take the stress and time out of whole staff training and let your staff hear from a different voice.

Any subject can be covered for up to 150 staff members. Each training session will involve an initial consultation with a senior leader to agree the theme and the School Development Goal.

Areas of expertise:

  • Project Planning

  • Retrieval

  • Cognitive Overload

  • Modelling

  • Pedagogy

  • Maths Instruction

  • Behaviour management

  • Reading pedagogy

  • Science teaching

  • Moving from marking to feedback


£300 full day (9am-3pm)

£75 twilight (3.30pm - 5pm)

Optional Follow Up Visit with Impact Report


Team Development

Support a specific team within your school. All of our team development is designed to make a lasting change and involves 3 stages: 

  1. Initial Visit: Observation and training session

  2. Short-Term Visit: Further observation and feedback session

  3. Long-Term Visit: Final observation, feedback session and report

Timings for each visit will be arranged with senior leaders.

Possible Teams to Develop:

  • Early Career Teachers

  • 1 to 1 staff

  • Teaching Assistants

  • Learning Mentors/ Wellbeing Team

  • Lunchtime Staff

  • Senior Leaders

  • Aspiring Senior Leaders

  • TMS to UPS threshold staff

  • UPS staff

  • Admin Teams

Individual Development

We provide a discreet and professional service to support individual staff with a variety of issues. These will invariably be bespoke to the needs and the context of the staff member and their specific role. As part of our service we provide email support. Individual development packages can be built per session as required.

Possible options include:

  • Support plans for teaching staff

  • Capability for teaching staff

  • 1:1 LSA to support an individual child

Coaching and Wellbeing Support for Headteachers and all teaching staff

Supporting your staff is an essential element of leading a school, but we understand that this takes a lot of time and emotional headspace. Senior Leaders often need a chance to offload and can sometimes feel isolated, we are here to support you too. Let Pod Micro School provide the support you need. Sessions can be arranged in or out of school at a time suitable for staff, all with the utmost professionalism.

£45 per session (45 minutes)

School Development

Whatever the school development goals are for your school, a different perspective can often make all of the difference. All of our sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and can involve elements of staff development (observations, giving feedback, report writing, providing recommendations), supporting governors or providing evidence of impact. All School Development Visits include:

  • An initial consultation with a member of SLT or full SLT

  • Reading and critiquing relevant school improvement documents

  • Full day visit (8am - 4pm) or Half day visit (8am - 12pm)

  • Interviews with staff

  • Interviews with Governors (if required)

  • Feedback to SLT/Staff/Governors

  • Full written report detailing strengths, areas for development and next steps

Possible School Development Visits could include:

  • Curriculum Design

  • Quality and impact of Teaching

  • Impact of Feedback

  • Behaviour

  • Safeguarding Culture

  • Quality of teaching for specific groups

£300 Full Day Visit

£220 Half Day Visit

Optional Half day Impact and Embedding Visit


Chalkboard Drawings

For further information regarding any of our school services, please email us at:

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